The Lovelies List

Welcome to the Lovelies List, where each week I’ll share with you my favorite lovelies from the week.  This week’s lovelies all are centered around the many blessings which I received this weekend for my birthday!  What are your top lovelies from this week?

1.  DC by Moonlight Pedicab Tour — My honey surprised me with a pedicab (think rickshaw) tour of our Nation’s Capital by moonlight. What an amazing way to see the city!

2.  Amazing Manicure — I treated myself to a festive holiday manicure. I love the fun, silver sparkle on the one nail!

3.  Bobby McKey’s — We celebrated the season with Josh’s shift at Bobby McKey’s, a local dueling piano bar. Our friend Neil is an amazing piano player and singer at Bobby McKey’s; he surprised me with a serenade on stage, which was hilarious!

4.  Birthday Blessings — I’m so incredibly blessed with amazing family and friends, who this year generously made my birthday so very special with…dinners, lunches, an LSU hat, purple pashmina scarf, flowers, Narciso Rodriguez perfume, Coach Poppy perfume, lipsticks, massage gift certificate, and an iPad! Thank you everyone for making my day so wonderful!


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