The Lovelies List – 1/4/11

Happy New Year! The holidays were crazy busy for us, traveling up to Connecticut and back down to Virginia Beach in the span of five days. I’m so happy to be back online and blogging, and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off 2012, then with a Lovelies List. So without further ado, here are my first lovelies for 2012!

1.  Resolutions — This year it’s not so much a resolution as it is a new life motto, “New year, new you!” My quest to live a healthier life, physically, mentally and financially. Physically I’m going to make healthier choices and be more active. Mentally, I’m going to get my priorities straight, God first, family second and career third. Financially, we (I can’t do this alone) are going to ensure that we are in control of where our money is going every month; make our money work for us and not work for money.

2.  Layered Necklaces — I love the look of layered necklaces. They make for a great conversation and can be mixed and matched. A few of my favorite lovelies are these layered necklaces from Stella & Dot.

Stella & Dot

3. Red Hair — I’m loving red hair. I’m not talking Annie red hair, but beautiful auburn and strawberry blonde hair or rocker chic red pieces. My friend Erin has the most amazing, all natural red hair. Ladies, this is color that you can’t find in a box or at a salon. Isn’t she gorgeous? A lovely for sure!

Red Hair

4.  Heartwarming Movies — Over the Christmas/New Year’s holiday I watched Water for Elephants and We Bought a Zoo. I read Water for Elephants this fall and really enjoyed the book. In my opinion, the movie did not disappoint and to the best of my memory I think the movie followed the book very closely. We Bought a Zoo is a great, great movie. The story is inspirational, moving and the little girl is adorable! Both lovelies are a must see on my list.

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