Think Small for the Big Results

January is a reflective time of year, especially with all the talk of resolutions. My friend Heather and I were having a conversation about how to set personal goals and keep them, and the one thing we came up with that has really changed the way I think of goals is to think small.  Set attainable goals by the day that get you to the end bigger results you want.

What do I mean? Well, rather than setting a goal to lose 10 pounds by June or plan to go to the gym every day this week when you haven’t been in a year, think in terms of today. Today I’m going to walk 30 minutes and today I’m going to make a healthy lunch and snacks to take with me to work so that I do not give into the temptation to eat fast food.  Personally, I’m more likely to set and keep goals that I can attain and ultimately will feel a sense of accomplishment each day and am making steady progress towards my end goal.

The other piece to this change in mindset is to make your goals non-negotiable.  For me, thinking small and on a daily scale, I’ve set a goal to start walking at least 30 minutes a day and it’s non-negotiable. I have a dog, I have two working legs, warm clothes and 30 minutes to get out and move…it’s non-negotiable.

Having set non-negotiable goals is a great way to start a routine, but let’s be real, there is a very likely chance that we will fall short sometimes. Then what? Get back on track immediately. In other words, if you are trying to lose weight and get out of control on a meal, get back on track immediately with your healthy eating plan. Don’t allow one mishap snowball into meal after meal, get back on track with your next meal.

So, think small by setting attainable short-term goals that get you to the bigger picture end result you want! Good luck!


Photo via Pinterest for Leah Remillet Photography

One thought on “Think Small for the Big Results

  1. It is very true about small goals!! With small goals are bigger longer life long goals that turn into life style changes! When you change for the better it’s attractive and others notice that you carry yourself taller!! I set goals for myself daily before I even get out of bed! Today my goal was to row over 4000 meters in 30 mins and I achieved it and then 1038 more!! Small goals get us moving and challenge us to keep moving! Love you 😉

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