Tiger Traditions

Born and raised for part of my life in Louisiana, I am a lifelong, die-hard LSU Tiger football fan. Season after season my family dons our purple and gold and spends our Saturdays cheering loudly for our Tigers. My mom tells stories of being 8 months pregnant with me, tailgating and going to Death Valley to root for LSU. My dad is not shy about sharing his enthusiasm for his beloved Tigers with anyone…and I mean anyone! When LSU gets the ball and is running towards the end zone, I can practically hear my dad yelling, “Run son run!” a phrase that I grew up hearing as a child.

So naturally as my sister and I have grown up, married and begun our own families, we’ve carried on this Tiger tradition. In fact, this year the entire family received Tiger gear for Christmas. We’ve even nicknamed our three-year-old nephew the “Honey Badger” because of his blonde hair. I even named this blog Geaux Girlie as a nod to my LSU Tigers, because all LSU fans know that we don’t spell “go” with a “g” and an “o”. So this evening we plan to continue the tradition, by calling and texting before, during and after the game…I wouldn’t put it past my sister and my dad to Skype during the entire game. I love my family, I love my Tigers and I love our traditions! Geaux Tigers!

Three generations of Tiger fans!

Macy and I gearing up for the big game!

Honey Badger, Mikey B!


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