The Lovelies List — 1.11.12

This week my lovelies list has been inspired by the crazy, unpredictable weather that we’ve experienced here in the Washington, DC area. In the past week it has been 65 degrees for a couple of days, then we had snow that left a thin layer on the grass and car and today it’s a cold, rainy 43 degrees and tomorrow it’s supposed to be back into the 50’s. It’s insane! So stay warm, cold, dry or whatever and enjoy this weeks lovelies list.

1.  Shoe-many Options — With the crazy weather we’ve had, my choice in shoes has been all over the map. This week my shoe lovelies have included these adorable Footzy Rolls that my sister gave me for my birthday, which have been convenient when I needed to switch over to my wellies.

Footzy Rolls

Rockin’ the footzy rolls — Macy wanted to show off her footsies too!

Footzy Rolls

Footzy Rolls fold into themselves and can be toted around in this little satin bag.
They roll up small enough to fit into your purse. Perfect for when the weather is unpredictable and you have to…


Change into your wellies because of the downpour (mud is authentic).

2.  Rainy Day Hair — Why risk a perfect blow-out or curls on a rainy or snowy day? I love being able to add a loose, side french braid to a messy bun for a fun and thrown together look. Bonus it takes only 5 minutes!

Loose side french braid

3.  It’s only 10 minutes– This week my 10 Minute Trainer arrived in the mail. I’m excited to get this start so that I can have an alternative to the gym and outdoor workouts. If it truly is 10 minutes for each exercise it’s bound to be intense.  Who am I kidding, it’s from the makers of P90X so it’s going to be hard. Wish me luck!

10 Minute Trainer

Insert fine print here:  10 minute workouts are stacked,
for more like 40+ minutes of intense movements.


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