Asian Markets — Perfectly ripe produce for the right price

I’m pretty frugal and really try to make our money last and work for us. That’s why I try to make a trip each week to Lotte, our local Asian market for our fresh produce. The extra trip to the Asian market is well worth the quantity of produce we get for the price. If you’ve never been to an Asian market, you’ve got to give it a try! Most Asian markets that I’ve been to, the produce department is incredibly busy…like nothing you’ve ever seen before. There are people, carts and employees restocking everywhere. So be patient and be prepared to take your time as you’ll likely have to make several laps to make sure you get everything you want. Another tip, if you can, use a hand cart that you carry versus a push cart, this will save you time and allow you to easily move around the aisles.

So I’m sure you wondering how great are the deals and how fresh is the produce at the Asian market? Well, this week I bought 3lbs of roma tomatoes, 3 red grapefruits, 2lbs of green grapes, 4 unpeeled garlic pods, a quad variety of lettuce, a cucumber, pint of cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, yellow pepper, large bag of oranges and a container of strawberries.  Ready…all of $19.17!! Pretty incredible, huh?!

So grab your wallet (although you won’t need a lot of money) and give your neighborhood Asian market a try.


All this for $19.17!

Juicy strawberries and perfectly sweet green grapes

Grapefruit & oranges for vitamin C. 3lbs of tomatoes for
Tomato Basil Soup (recipe to come later this week)

Life is like a bowl full of cherry…tomatoes!

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