Dinner for One

My honey is a Firefighter and his work schedule can be crazy at times. Often I’m cooking for one and I struggle to find recipes that are healthy and cost-effective for one person. Tonight was one of those nights. I sat at my desk this afternoon pondering what I can cook for dinner that’s quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. I remembered that we had bought red peppers and mushrooms this weekend at my favorite Asian market, Lotte and we had onions in the pantry. So on my way home I stopped at the store and picked up whole wheat naan, bruschetta and mozzarella cheese. Voilá, my own personal pizza.  What did you make for dinner?

My ingredients that I bought at the store:
Bruschetta, Mozzarella & Naan (I had the Basil)

I sautéed red pepper, onions and mushrooms until tender.
Sometimes I’ll pick up veggies from the salad bar if we don’t
have any in the house; they are quick and cheap.

My pizza just before it goes into the oven for 12 minutes

Dinner time! Yummo!

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