Tangled Mess

I am obsessed with scarves, probably more so than cardigans. I’ve stored my scarves in a canvas shoe organizer in our coat closet. In the beginning I thought this was a genius storage idea, and for about a week I nicely folded or rolled my scarves up to fit into the little pockets. Over time, I’ve accumulated numerous pairs of gloves and hats that I’ve shoved into the pockets as well. Eventually the nice rolled scarf storage turned into me stuffing the scarves into whatever hole was available. My scarves are always a tangled mess and are wrinkled as a result of my laziness.

Last week I was reading a post by Laura on My Green Pen and she too has a love for scarves and needed a more organized way to store them. Her great idea inspired me to reorganize and take control of my scarf collection. So after a quick trip to the dollar store, I now can see all my scarves and can easily grab and pull the one I want to wear. Thanks, Laura for the great idea!

Here is what I considered organized storage before…

I purchased shower curtain rings from the dollar
store and hooked them onto a hanger.

Here is what my newly organized scarf
collection looks like now!

I also purchased this super cute basket at the
dollar store for my gloves and hats.

4 thoughts on “Tangled Mess

    • Yes, it feels great to be organized and to have not spent a lot of money on it. Now if I could just find a system for mail and paper that comes into the house…inevitably it all ends up on the counter in a massive pile that gets transported upstairs and sits until I can’t stand it any longer. Have a great Tuesday!

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