The Drop Zone – Conquering Kitchen Clutter

I am pretty confident that everyone has a spot in or near their kitchen that’s the drop zone for mail, keys, receipts, cell phones, etc. Years ago Josh bought me this great desk organizer from Pottery Barn (mine is ivory). We’ve never really used it to its fullest, and for years only our pens have been organized in the little cubby.

Last week I was inspired by a blog post from My Green Pen on office inspiration organization ideas. I went home that evening and decided that it was time to take care of our drop zone once and for all. Determined not to spend a penny, I went to the back of the closet in our office (also an unorganized space) and found these adorable Vera Bradley file folders, and got to work, creating folders for:

  • To be sorted
  • To be paid
  • To be filed
  • Josh
  • Amy
  • Coupons

Here is the end result!

Now I as mail comes in it goes into one of these folders. As we prepare to pay bills, we take out the folder we need or when we’re ready to file paid bills, etc. we can simply just take the folder upstairs to the office. It’s been one week since I organized our drop zone and so far we’ve done a great job of filing away anything that comes in.

A big THANK YOU to Laura @ My Green Pen for the little kick I needed to de-clutter and get organized!

How do you keep your drop zone organized?


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