Lovelies List – 2.24.12

TGIF! We’ve had incredible weather this week so my High Five for Fridays are all about my faves from this week as a result of the great weather. As usual, I’m linking up with Lauren from From My Grey Desk for High Five For Fridays to share with you my top lovelies from this week.

 1. Spring! – I told ya’ it was all about the weather so let’s get started. We’ve had an unseasonably warm winter here in Northern VA, but this week we’ve had several days of spring like weather. Today it’s going to be close to 70 degrees! Keep it comin’ old man winter.

 2. Doukenie Winery –  So my business partner, Sharon and I went out to Doukenie Winery for a site visit on one of these glorious days and it’s just so lovely out there. Check out their space and view some lovely pics. If you live in or around the Northern VA area, you’ve simply got to get out to Doukenie, they have incredible wines.

 3. Sweet Frog – So we’ve got this really yummy froyo spot called Sweet Frog in the area. It’s a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with an amazing assortment of toppings. One night this week my BF&N (Best Friend & Neighbor), Wendy and I took her kiddos for a special treat. I should have taken pics, but I was all consumed by the deliciousness in my cup that was original tart and chocolate froyo, strawberries, M&M’s and Reeses Pieces.  OH  and the “frog” in Sweet Frog stands for “Fully Rely on God” … pretty clever.

 4.  Sunrise Walks – This week, my BF&N, Wendy and I have been meeting at 5:45AM (you read that right) to walk before we have to get ready for work. It’s been so peaceful to walk in the quite of the morning and to chat with my girl.

 5. Sun & Swim — Okay so it’s not that warm out yet, but this morning I realized that my Victoria’s Secret swim catalog arrived in the mail. I heart swim suits. They are probably my most favorite thing to buy and I don’t know why. Ha a rhyme. I’m certainly not a VS model, but I just love swim suits.  Confession I have at least 9 of them.

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2 thoughts on “Lovelies List – 2.24.12

  1. I’ve had a great time walking with you! It’s so nice to have a little time to relax and chat before the morning race begins. It’s almost like stolen time because no one misses me since the whole house is still sleeping. I think we should make Sweet Frog a recurring event! The kids had a great time and so did I! The yummy yogurt is a bonus to the quality time.

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