Lovelies List – 3.2.12

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I look forward to Fridays because it gives me a chance to reflect on all the great things that happened during the week and share them with you! I’m excited to link up for High Five for Fridays with Lauren from From My Grey Desk.

 1. Mom & Me Time – I’m super excited because on Sunday I’m meeting my fabulous mom in Historic Fredericksburg, VA for lunch and shopping. A couple of times a year we meet up in this lovely little town and enjoy some good food and boutique and antique shopping. Last time we were there, this store that I love had this window display. Do you see it? They suspended the chairs and laid the table down on the floor … the “room” looks like it’s on its side. Do you see it?! 🙂

 2. Laugh Until You Pee –  Tonight my girlfriends are coming over for dinner. I couldn’t be more excited to hang out with them as we’ve not seen each other in a long time … life just gets in the way. I’m telling you that when we get together we laugh so hard and have so much fun. We all used to work together and have been friends for over 10 years. Love them and can’t wait to catch up and laugh until I … well let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

 3. The Book of James – This week I started a new Bible study with women in my neighborhood on the Book of James; this will be my first Beth Moore study. I’m excited to grow closer in my relationship with the Lord, strengthen my presences in His Word and to connect with like-minded Christian women.

 4.  It Never Grows – Seriously, my hair doesn’t grow. I’m serious it maybe grows 1 inch a year, if I’m lucky. I certainly don’t keep my hair dresser in business because as a result I don’t go that often for a trim and my color takes forever to grow out. I’m excited to see Tyler (my ah-mazing hair dresser) tomorrow for a trim and partial highlight. The last time I was there in October she did an incredible job with my color, fading it just perfectly from really dark brown to light blonde in chunky layers from underneath to the top. You can kinda see it here …

If you live anywhere close to Norther VA,  you’ve got to come see Tyler. She is so great about working with your face shape, lifestyle, hair type, etc. to get you the perfect look each and every single time.  Check her out. Side note, this is my stinkin’ cute niece, Audrey. Pretty cute, huh?!

 5. Putting It All Together — Earlier this week I caught up with my friend Gina and we worked on this incredible wooden puzzle. I’ll pause while you laugh at the sheer nerdiness of doing a puzzle. Now seriously these aren’t your average puzzles with Monet scenes or horses. These are Liberty wooden puzzles and they are just so beautiful and complex. Each piece is its own shape or object. I’ll save the details for another post, but here’s a quick look at the puzzle we spent 5.5 hours working on … notice there aren’t any edges to this puzzle.

Want to link up and join the High Five For Friday fun? Grab a button and go!


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