Color Blocking Like Ann Curry

I love the Today Show! It’s part of my morning routine to listen to Matt, Ann and Al as I get ready to start my day; their on-air chemistry puts a smile on my face. I find myself eager to see what the trio is wearing each day, all three have such great style that’s unique to their personalities. I especially love how Ann incorporates bold colors pretty much every day into her wardrobe. I think she has tastefully woven the increasingly popular trend of color blocking into her wardrobe.

Ann Curry pink and orange color blocking dress


I love Ann’s style and was inspired to give color blocking a try by incorporating the bold blocks of color into my outfit. Royal blue blouse, purple scarf and yellow shoes…was I successful or did I commit a huge fail?

So nobody made fun of me or gave me strange looks … maybe I pulled it off. Which got me thinking, how else could I bring more of this color blocking trend into my pretty conservative and preppy style.  How about with these …

Color blocking purse


color blocking nails


Old Navy color blocking dress


How have you incorporated this trend into your style?

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