Neon & Nude

On Monday I wrote about color blocking and my attempt to add a little of this trend to my wardrobe. I’d describe my personal style as conservative and preppy. I have key colors (black, green, teal and magenta) and pieces (scarves and cardigans) that are standards in my closet. The 80’s neon colors are making their way back into fashion trends this year, which got me thinking, how could I incorporate some of these colors into my wardrobe…and not look like my 12 year old niece. What if I paired the brightness of the neon colors with the subtle nudes?





I recently bought this hot pink dress and thought it might look cute to pair with my nude flats for work. Now I just need the above pictured pink and nude clutch and nail polishes to complete my look.



Do you like the neon & nude look? Will you add any neon colors to your spring/summer wardrobe?


4 thoughts on “Neon & Nude

  1. Not that I’m a fashionista or anything, but as long as the neons are accents, more than the whole piece, that’d be tolerable. I still remember those vivid 80’s neons. *Shudder*

    • I have some shoes that are borderline a neon yellow alligator, kitten heal (see my post about color blocking). I like adding the accents of neon as a pop of color. Thanks for stopping by!

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