Five Question Friday

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I’m sitting at the airport, waiting to board my flight to Orlando for my whirlwind Disney weekend. So while I wait, I thought I’d link up for Five Question Friday from My Little Life blog.

This should be fun, so here goes …

1.  What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible.  To my junior prom, I wore this mermaid looking sequin dress. I thought I was hot stuff with my hair piled up on top of my head…more like a hot mess. HA! To  my senior prom I wore a light pink full skirt with ivory bodice dress that I just had to have. I remember that I was so worried because the dress was a little too short for this 5’11 girl…look you can kinda see my shoes sticking out from the bottom. Whatev, I still married my prom date.

2.  Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge?  The biggest loser for sure. I’m pretty comfortable with my weight in general, but I would love to get fit, toned and in shape. I figure having someone yell at me all day to run, lift, jump, etc. would do the trick.

3.  Do you have a favorite summer drink?  Do I have to have one? How about three?  Sangria Swirl Margarita. Sea Breeze. Vodka & Fresh Lemonade.

4.  What’s  was your first car, and what did you call it?  My first car was a black Nissan Sentra and I called it 2Goofy2. I wanted 2 Goofy, but it was taken.

5.  What one thing your spouse does that sends you over the edge?  Being late ALL the time.  Really it’s not just with my honey, it’s anyone who is perpetually late. Drives. Me. Insane.

Do you have answers to these five questions?  If you’re a blogger,  link up and answer them on your blog. If not, feel free to answer below in the comments, I’d love to hear your responses!

I hope you all have had a great week and have something fun planned for the weekend…cause I do…I’m going to DISNEY!

3 thoughts on “Five Question Friday

  1. Look at all those prom goers … totally HOT STUFF (and by that I mean … hot messes!). I bet they ate dinner at the best places, though 🙂

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