My Skincare Routine

Yesterday I told y’all all about my newest skincare tool, the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System. Today I want to share with you my skincare routine. I’d classify my skin type as normal to oily. I get oily in my t-zone during the spring/summer and drier in the fall/winter months, and use different seasonal products to help minimize the oil and dry skin. As promised, here is my daily skincare routine, that works for me.

  • Step One  ::  3x a week I use Clinique’s Seven Day Scrub on my face to exfoliate. I like that this product is gentle enough to use daily (hence the name Seven Day Scrub) and doesn’t cause me to have a red, irritated face. I use this product year-round and only in the mornings.

  • Step Two  ::  I use a small amount of Clinique’s Liquid Facial Soap. I use the oily skin formula in the spring/summer and the dry combination skin formula in the fall/winter. I gently rub a small amount of the liquid face soap onto my face and neck. Then using my Olay Pro-X advanced cleansing brush, I gently, in a circular motion wash my face. I’m careful to steer clear of my eyes since the skin around your eyes is the most sensitive. I usually do 2-3 laps around my face with the brush and then rinse. I do this in the morning and at night.

  •  Step Three  ::  After gently patting dry my face, I swipe a cotton ball of Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion all over my face and neck. In the spring/summer I use the Clarifying Lotion 3 since my skin tends to be oilier during these months. During the fall/winter I use the Clarifying Lotion 2 because my skin can feel dry and tight. I do this morning and at night.

  • Step Four  ::  After the Clarifying Lotion has dried, I apply Murad Acne Spot Treatment to any blemishes that I may have. This product is a life saver, and once applied my blemishes begin to clear up and dry up within a day. I do this morning and night if necessary.

  • Step Five  ::  I gently apply Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel all over my face and neck. I use this product year-round because I like the way the gel feels as opposed to the lotion. The gel helps to reduce the oiliness. I use this morning and night.

  • Step Six  ::  This I don’t do every day, usually only when I’m tired. Actually I am not convinced that the product is actually doing anything, but it’s cooling, feels nice and I hope that the product is “de-puffing” as its name describes.  Anyhow, I gently apply under my eyes, Clinique’s All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage. I use this in the morning if necessary.

  • Step Seven  ::  Before I apply my make-up I use Clinique’s City Block Sheer Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 25. My bareEscentuals has SPF 15 in it, but something about sunscreen in mineral make-up doesn’t seem like enough coverage for me. So I double up with this product and I use it year-round. I use this in the morning only.

Again, this is a routine that over the years has worked for me. I’ve tried other products, but Clinique seems to work the best. Now let’s be real, I still get blemishes and sometimes feel like a tween again, but for the most part I’ve been blessed with pretty good skin all my life. As I head into my mid-30’s though I do want to start considering some anti-aging creams to help keep my skin healthy for years to come. Any recommendations?

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