Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO :: 




ONE :: J worked on finishing the addition of pavers to extend our driveway. Macy loves to help out by following him around and dropping her ball for him to throw. She’s pretty persistent.  If he doesn’t throw the ball she goes inside and brings out another toy. At one point she had three toys out on the driveway. Love them! Love the driveway renovation and love my honey for all his hard work!

TWO :: Some of the fixin’s for our BBQ with our BF&N (best friends and neighbors) to kick off Memorial Day and summer!

THREE :: We rode in the Ride of the Patriots from Patriot Harley in Fairfax down to Washington, DC. People stand on the side of the road and on the overpasses to greet the motorcycles, waving flags, signs and cheering us on. This year one stretch of road was lined with friends and family members holding signs & pictures of loved one in the military. A tearful ride of honor for those who serve and fight for our freedom.

FOUR :: Rolling Thunder 2012! As riders enter Washington, DC a Marine stands at attention saluting boots, helmet and riffle, signifying the fallen, POW and MIA. Moving beyond words. Thank you to all those who serve.

FIVE :: J & Macy sittin’ on the front step enjoying the warm evening. I love these two!

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