What’s inside my head

I’m having one of those ehh days, I don’t have any post prepared, my week has been okay and I don’t have a full list to participate in the High Five for Friday. So you get just a brain dump of the things that are going on in my head.

  • Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise are getting a divorce. Interesting I thought that would have happened the first year and was surprised when they didn’t. Sad for them and for Suri…she’s adoroable. Not that Tom-Kat getting a divorse will change her adorableness.
  • Savannah Guthrie has been named the new co-host of the Today Show. BOO! I love Ann Curry and think that the way NBC execs handle the firing of Ann Curry shameful. Did you watch her tearful farewell yesterday, so sad.
  • Tonight is the big night, MAGIC MIKE! I can’t wait!
  • Getting my hair trimmed and colored this afternoon. I’m ready to clean up the ends and add in some summer highlights.
  • I decided this week after being cut off on the way to work by a gal on her cell phone, needing to merge and get off on the exit after having waited until the last minute and didn’t use her turn signal…that people who don’t use their turn signals are bullies in life. That’s right. You push your way in and assume that you can just take my spot on the road and do whatever you want to us law abiding citizens. Turn signals are there for a reason. Turn signals aren’t an “option” like XM radio when you purchase a car. Come on people!
  • Ate lunch out every single day this week because I didn’t go to the grocery store and plan ahead. Blah. Need to get back into a routine of making my lunches.
  • I’m making crack popcorn, a.k.a Pop Secret Homestyle…haven’t had it, you need to. I am confident that roll they kernals in salt and butter before they put them in the bag…heaven. That’s right, I sneak my food and beverages into the movies.
  • I’m so close to 100 posts and that’s kinda freaking me out. And part of the reason I didn’t post twice this week cause then that would mean I’d be that much closer to 100 and I’m not prepared for 100. AHHH!
  • I’m all out of It’s a 10 and the Moroccan oil stuff for my hair. I hate when this happens cause I have to drop $$ on hair products on top of paying for cut and highlights. Plus, I’m not exactly sure what this Moroccan oil stuff does, but it’s all the rage and well Tyler (my fabulous hair dresser) told me I should use it. AND my FSIL says it’s practically changed my life. While I don’t need my entire life changed, my frizzy hair could use some help and well if Moroccan oil can help that then I’m all in.

Peace out lovelies! Gotta go get my hair done, pop my crack popcorn and go see Magic Mike. Have a great weekend!


Bathroom Remodel Update

J started the master bath remodel this week. Here’s what we’ve purchased so far and the color scheme we are going for in the space.

Now for the good, bad and ugly details of our progress…

Day 1 :: Continue the ever expensive search for a bathroom faucet. I mean seriously I never knew that faucets could be so incredibly expensive. AND did you know that the models that they sell at the big box stores, think Home Depot and Lowes are made with plastic parts on the inside that will cause leaks relatively quickly? Well I didn’t know this and perhaps it’s the sales person blowing smoke up my arse but I believed him. And well my momma and momma-in-law said the same thing and that’s pretty much gospel to me.

Day 2 :: Failed at running out to Benjamin Moore at lunch to look at paint colors. J lugged all of my our bathroom crap belongings to the guest bedroom, started demo by hauling out the current vanity, removing all of the fixtures and mirrors and began pulling up the current crappy-smappy linoleum floors. Finally committed and ordered faucets, after negotiating a relatively decent price…considering. And that’s where the progress halted, because J found mold on the floor near the shower. DAMN YOU Beazer builders! You see our neighbors ran into this issue months ago and we “knew” that likely we could have the same problem.  Confirmed yesterday.

Day 3 :: Lined up contractors to come and give us an estimate on the work to fix the shower leak. J doesn’t want to take on this task and for our own sanity we’d rather pay the $$ to have someone else get it done in a day or so. Problem though is that the contractors apparently have other jobs and my bathroom reno isn’t their top priority so they aren’t coming until end of week or Monday. Don’t they know that I’m impatient and on a schedule since J is off this week? J continued to pull up the crappy-smappy linoleum and make what progress he can while waiting for contractors to come.

Y’all progress is being made, but just at a slower pace than I would have liked. But isn’t that the truth with all constructions and renovation projects. I couldn’t be happier to have the best honey in the world who is uber handy and willing to tackle this project.  Love ya’!

Oh and apparently we are handing out money to anyone who says anything having to do with a master bathroom renovation. So hit me up if you too would like a share of my wallet.  Just say the word…bathroom, faucet, demo, leak, mold, whatev and it’s yours.  HA!  Kidding, I’m not giving away anymore money unless you can be at my house tomorrow at 8AM to fix the shower.

Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO :: 



FIVE :: 

SIX :: 

ONE :: J & I started the weekend off with a date night at Passion Fish.

TWO :: Yummy sushi!

THREE :: Ended date night with Pitango gelato in dark chocolate and cinnamon.

FOUR :: Two super excited people ready to shop for faucets. I should have taken a post faucet shopping pic…uh yikes faucets are expensive!

FIVE :: Even this beach bunny would love a driveway like this. J & I spent the gorgeous afternoon with our 8B family at a pool party out in the country, a.k.a. Winchester, VA. Dani, does this count as being included in the Weekend Without Words post? We didn’t do a group shot…fail!

SIX :: On our way home from the pool party, this hot air balloon passed right over the top of our car.  Pretty cool!

If only I had talent

Happy Thursday!

I can’t seem to get these two songs out of my head. Not to mention the fact that after watching both these videos I sure do wish that I had some semblance of a musical talent. Let’s be real though I’m still going to sing in the shower and dance like no one is watching.  Make it a great day!

These two girls are AMAZING! I think I read somewhere that they are like 9 and 10 years old, or something like that. Doesn’t really matter, they are young and very talented. So adorable. Watch and I know you’ll agree.</P

How about this group? They are all playing one instrument together. It reminds me of when I was a kid in music class and we had to sing in rounds. You had to focus so hard just on your part. Inevitably I ended up singing another groups part because I couldn’t focus. Enjoy!</P.

Musical talent or not, I sure could use a little pep in my step to get me through these last few days until the weekend! A pep talk if you will?  Maybe I should head into the bathroom and shout it out like this cutie-patootie.

Oh, How Pinteresting!

It’s finally Wednesday…finally.  The weekend is so close! I’m linking up with The Vintage Apple for “Oh, How Pinteresting!”  I always look forward to Wednesdays…sharing my faves from Pinterest.






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Oh No She Didn’t!

It used to be that when it came time for selecting fixtures for your bathroom, everything had to be matchy-matchy. Do y’all remember the 90’s and the all brass fixtures?  Well, my momma didn’t raise me to be a Miss Matchy on everything! I mean how can one possibly find fixtures, frames, toilet paper holders, towel rings, accessories, etc. all in the same finish? Well, I’m sure you can but let’s just say you picked polished chrome for every last finish in your bathroom, wow that would be one shiny place.

As we venture into our master bathroom remodel (demo and remodel scheduled to begin next week) we are at the phase where we need to select our bathroom faucets. Oh the dilemma and oh the price of faucets. I can hear my debit card screamin’ at the thought of $300+ per faucet, uh yikes! I’m going to do the unthinkable and mix my metals. I’ll pause and wait for the gasps and shock of what I just said to fade away. Y’all are probably saying, “Oh no she didn’t!” Oh yes, I am!  That’s right people, I’ll have oil rubbed bronze and polished chrome in my bathroom if I want to and you’ll like it!  Well maybe you won’t like it, but whatev.

So as a little reminder, this is the dress that we are turning into a vanity and these are the vessel sinks that we’ve bought to install on the top.

You’ll notice that the drawer pulls are a rubbed-bronze color, so I think having an oil rubbed bronze faucet will make the piece look complete.  In the semi-edited words of Jerry McGuire, “This will complete me!”  HA!

I think I like some of these options for our faucets:



Having a nice balance of the mixed metals is key to break of the monotony. I think that in our case, having a custom vanity with fixtures that match the look and feel of the dresser will give the piece a complete finish and look on-purpose. We already have this candle chandelier in the oil rubbed bronze that will tie in the vanity fixtures nicely to create a cohesive look in the bathroom.

What do you think?  Have y’all shunned me altogether for mixing my metals?

Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO :: 



ONE :: Macy & I took a road trip this weekend to visit my parents in Williamsburg! She’s the perfect little traveling companion. Isn’t she cute just sitting the back seat watching the cars go by?!

TWO :: Mom & I had dinner at the Baker’s Crust on Friday evening and enjoyed these delicious blackberry sangria cocktails. MMM!

THREE :: The weather was just glorious this weekend, so Mom & I rode around town in her fun little convertible.

FOUR :: The ‘rents…aren’t they just the cutest?!