Oh No She Didn’t!

It used to be that when it came time for selecting fixtures for your bathroom, everything had to be matchy-matchy. Do y’all remember the 90’s and the all brass fixtures?  Well, my momma didn’t raise me to be a Miss Matchy on everything! I mean how can one possibly find fixtures, frames, toilet paper holders, towel rings, accessories, etc. all in the same finish? Well, I’m sure you can but let’s just say you picked polished chrome for every last finish in your bathroom, wow that would be one shiny place.

As we venture into our master bathroom remodel (demo and remodel scheduled to begin next week) we are at the phase where we need to select our bathroom faucets. Oh the dilemma and oh the price of faucets. I can hear my debit card screamin’ at the thought of $300+ per faucet, uh yikes! I’m going to do the unthinkable and mix my metals. I’ll pause and wait for the gasps and shock of what I just said to fade away. Y’all are probably saying, “Oh no she didn’t!” Oh yes, I am!  That’s right people, I’ll have oil rubbed bronze and polished chrome in my bathroom if I want to and you’ll like it!  Well maybe you won’t like it, but whatev.

So as a little reminder, this is the dress that we are turning into a vanity and these are the vessel sinks that we’ve bought to install on the top.

You’ll notice that the drawer pulls are a rubbed-bronze color, so I think having an oil rubbed bronze faucet will make the piece look complete.  In the semi-edited words of Jerry McGuire, “This will complete me!”  HA!

I think I like some of these options for our faucets:



Having a nice balance of the mixed metals is key to break of the monotony. I think that in our case, having a custom vanity with fixtures that match the look and feel of the dresser will give the piece a complete finish and look on-purpose. We already have this candle chandelier in the oil rubbed bronze that will tie in the vanity fixtures nicely to create a cohesive look in the bathroom.

What do you think?  Have y’all shunned me altogether for mixing my metals?


2 thoughts on “Oh No She Didn’t!

  1. I’m excited to see the finished vanity! It looks great so far. In case you’re looking for feedback, I love the top faucet with the two handles. I think the proportions look a little off in the other option but the finish looks nice either way!

    • Hi there! YES, I’m always looking for feedback. I too LOVE the first one. I don’t love that it’s $300+ per faucet though. I know faucets aren’t the place to skimp, but this frugal gal has a hard time spending that kind of money on faucets. Stay tuned!

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