What’s inside my head

I’m having one of those ehh days, I don’t have any post prepared, my week has been okay and I don’t have a full list to participate in the High Five for Friday. So you get just a brain dump of the things that are going on in my head.

  • Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise are getting a divorce. Interesting I thought that would have happened the first year and was surprised when they didn’t. Sad for them and for Suri…she’s adoroable. Not that Tom-Kat getting a divorse will change her adorableness.
  • Savannah Guthrie has been named the new co-host of the Today Show. BOO! I love Ann Curry and think that the way NBC execs handle the firing of Ann Curry shameful. Did you watch her tearful farewell yesterday, so sad.
  • Tonight is the big night, MAGIC MIKE! I can’t wait!
  • Getting my hair trimmed and colored this afternoon. I’m ready to clean up the ends and add in some summer highlights.
  • I decided this week after being cut off on the way to work by a gal on her cell phone, needing to merge and get off on the exit after having waited until the last minute and didn’t use her turn signal…that people who don’t use their turn signals are bullies in life. That’s right. You push your way in and assume that you can just take my spot on the road and do whatever you want to us law abiding citizens. Turn signals are there for a reason. Turn signals aren’t an “option” like XM radio when you purchase a car. Come on people!
  • Ate lunch out every single day this week because I didn’t go to the grocery store and plan ahead. Blah. Need to get back into a routine of making my lunches.
  • I’m making crack popcorn, a.k.a Pop Secret Homestyle…haven’t had it, you need to. I am confident that roll they kernals in salt and butter before they put them in the bag…heaven. That’s right, I sneak my food and beverages into the movies.
  • I’m so close to 100 posts and that’s kinda freaking me out. And part of the reason I didn’t post twice this week cause then that would mean I’d be that much closer to 100 and I’m not prepared for 100. AHHH!
  • I’m all out of It’s a 10 and the Moroccan oil stuff for my hair. I hate when this happens cause I have to drop $$ on hair products on top of paying for cut and highlights. Plus, I’m not exactly sure what this Moroccan oil stuff does, but it’s all the rage and well Tyler (my fabulous hair dresser) told me I should use it. AND my FSIL says it’s practically changed my life. While I don’t need my entire life changed, my frizzy hair could use some help and well if Moroccan oil can help that then I’m all in.

Peace out lovelies! Gotta go get my hair done, pop my crack popcorn and go see Magic Mike. Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “What’s inside my head

  1. I totally agree with you about people who don’t use their turn signals, they are bullies in life!! Can.not.wait.for.tonight (it’s actually getting good reviews!) Love your, FSIL

  2. I love the morraccan oil and it too has changed my life 😉 and the popcorn is da bomb!! Love you have fun tonight :))

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