Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO :: 




SIX ::


ONE :: Went with all the other crazy women to see Magic Mike on Friday. This was the line that had formed 45 minutes before the show started. It was crazy! The movie was as I had expected, not great in terms of the plot but some pretty great eye candy.

TWO :: While wandering around Home Depot waiting for J, I came across these gorgeous orchids. The colors are so vibrant and pretty. Love!

THREE :: My good friend’s son graduated from high school so we gave him a little cash. You know, in case of an emergency.

FOUR :: J & I decided to give phase 1 of the Digest Diet a try. We’ve both been feeling a little sluggish from having made not so great choices these past few weeks. My friend has seen some great results so far, so we figured it’s worth a shot. These are the ingredients for the shake we made for breakfast. I’m not a smoothie person, I just don’t like the creamy consistency. I forced down a chocolate, banana & peanut butter shake.  J, like a pro gulped it down and moved on. He’s not a baby like I am..

FIVE :: We had terrible storms blow through the area on Friday, knocking out power all over the place. Including the tile shop, but luckily they were still open. The crazy home remodelers that we are we went to look at tile in the dark. And found the perfect wall and tub tile to compliment our floor tile. The pics are great, but the story is funny!

SIX :: Snack! Green peppers with a mixture of fat-free cream cheese, chives and chopped tomato. Pretty tasty.

SEVEN ::  Hearty Mexican Soup. I know it seems insane to eat soup on a 100+ degree day. But it’s part of phase 1 of this Digest Diet. The soup is actually pretty tasty and filling. I’d make it again


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