Brace For It!

Okay y’all ready for this. I’ve got some big news to share. Some changes are coming my way. It should take about 9 months. Can you guess what those changes might be? WRONG! I’m not preggers. I’m getting braces. Yup, you read that right. This gal is getting metal in her mouth.

You see, I had braces as a tween, but as the old song goes, I lost the retainer, never had it replaced and the rest is history. Luckily I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth so those are nicely aligned. It’s my darn top teeth that have shifted. So I decided to correct the problem with braces. They’ll be porcelain brackets and I should have them in for 6-9 months. Let’s pray that I’m closer to the 6 than the 9 months. The bad good news is that I won’t have to wear rubber bands. Long gone are the days of colored rubber bands. Oh you remember those days, orange/black for Halloween, red/green for Christmas, red/blue/clear for July 4th. Well if I could have rubber bands, you know I’d be rockin’ the purple/gold for my LSU Tigers and burgundy/gold for my Skins.

Embarrassing, slightly. Nervous, yes.  Okay, honestly, I’m a little more anxious about this than I had thought. I mean, the unknown is driving me a little more bonkers than usual. My brain is filled with the “what if’s”. What if people look at me funny? What if I talk funny? What if I spit when I talk? I mean my line of work I’m dealing with and in front of vendors and clients all the time. The reality is that I am looking forward to the end result, you betcha sweetness I am!

Come Monday, I hope people are saying this…


Weekend Without Words

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SIX :: 

ONE :: Macy apparently got a little chilly in the middle of the night and snuggled her way under the covers. Needless to say, Operation Keep Macy Off the Bed – Part Deux will commence shortly.

TWO :: Spent the afternoon shopping for bathroom accessories for my newly painted powder room. Stay tuned for a post on the before and after of this project…I still need to paint the ceiling and do a little touch up.

THREE :: Love this cute little birdie for the bathroom.

FOUR :: Not the best picture in the world, but I went to a DivaFit Pole Masters show on Saturday night with my girls. What’s DivaFit and Pole Masters you ask? Look closely behind us in the pictures. Yup those are poles, as in “stripper” poles. DivaFit is a local pole fitness studio. Don’t knock it till you try it. These women have incredible strength. They were handing parallel to the floor, holding on with just one arm. Amazing strength and beauty.

FIVE :: Saw this at the grocery store, and this southern gal had to give it a try. Y’all, Front Porch has taken the classic drink of the south, sweet tea and turned it into an incredible ice cream flavor! Seriously this stuff is amazing. It is sweet tea ice cream with bits of tea cake pieces mixed in. Delicious.

SIX ::  Master bathroom renovation update. The needle is moving, y’all. We have tile on the walls and things are coming along. The image on the left is the wall next to our soaking tub and shows the beginning of some of the decorative tile. The image on the right is the inside of your shower and shows a sample of what our shower floor tile will look like next to the wall tile.

Bella Luna – Boutique Beauty

I love little boutiques, and one of my faves is Bella Luna located at the Rehobeth Beach boardwalk. I stumbled upon this shop last summer and now look forward to each visit to peruse the lovely little things that this tiny boutique has to offer. Last month on our visit to the beach, I only had a little time to walk through my favorite store, but during my short visit I found a laundry list of things that I’d love to have. Here are a few of the lovelies at Bella Luna…

And they don’t just have fabulous jewelry, they have home accessories, clothing and more! How about these cutie-patootie place card or picture holder…adorable, right?!

If you’re ever on the Eastern Shore and on Rehobeth’s boardwalk, be sure to make a stop in to Bella Luna. You won’t regret it, promises. Now I didn’t purchase anything on this visit, not enough time in the store to make a decision. You can bet your sweet tushes that I’ll be planning an extended trip to Bella Luna the next time I’m at the shore.

100th Post

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Well who would have thought this day would come?! Not this gal, that’s for sure. I’ve gone back and forth about what I should write about for my 100th post. I mean I’m into the triple digits now, it’s got to be good. It’s a milestone, like a birthday. Which got me thinking…look out!

So we’ve adopted in our family the Birthday Questions, and I thought this is similar to a birthday, a celebration if you will so why not answer the Birthday Questions to reflect and look ahead to what this blog has in store. I’ve adapted them slightly to coincide with my blog, so here goes …

Best Thing About Blogging This Year
The best part about blogging this year has been unleashing my inner creative self and sharing those experiences here. I’ve made Tomato Basil Soup (which by the way scored me my busiest day with over 100 page views), sewed my first maxi dress and started a major bathroom renovation (I’ve not forgotten about y’all on this one. Sigh, the project is still on-going).

Worst Thing About Blogging This Year
The worst thing about blogging this year has been finding the time. Working full time and having two part time jobs has kept me insanely busy. So this year I’ve struggled with finding the time to post here and read and comment on other blogs. Until recently I’ve been pretty good about blogging M-F, but lately I’ve fallen short. There just isn’t enough time in my day to get it all in.

Where Do You See This Blog In A Year
A year from now? Wow, a year ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be blogging at all. A year from now I’d like to see this blog having grown up a little. I’d like to have a custom design and layout with my own dedicated URL. I’d like to have my first guest blogger and would like to guest blog for someone else. I’d like to sponsor another blog and have sponsors here as well. I know that may seem like a lot, but I think these are good goals for my lil’ blog to try and accomplish in a year.

Where Do You See This Blog In Five Years
Really? Come on. This question makes sense for a birthday, but for a blog I don’t know. I’ll give it a whirl. In five years I hope to have a couple of kiddies running around, working full time as the COO of Allen Households, continuing to grow Les Classique Events and sharing all of these adventures with y’all here at Geuax Girlie. How’s that for a vague answer?! 🙂

Seriously though, I couldn’t thank y’all enough for coming here daily, weekly or once in a blue moon to read my blog and see what I’ve been up to. I hope that y’all enjoyed the time you’ve spent here, been encourage and inspired in one way or another. I hope you’ll continue to come back…and now for the shameless plugs, so that you can quickly and easily stay up to date with all things, Geuax  Girlie by following my blog by clicking on the link to the left to follow and receive email notifications each time I post. You can also “Like” Geaux Girlie on FB and follow me on Twitter @Amy_GeauxGirlie. Seriously though, I’m truly blessed, thankful and forever grateful! XO!

I’ve Got Natitude!

There are a lot of perks that go along with event planning. Courtesy of Hershey Meetings, I was recently treated to two fantastic tickets in the Lexus Presidents Club at National’s Park to watch the Washington Nationals take on the Philadelphia Phillies. J worked that night so I was able to take my FSIL, who is a big Nats fan. Here’s a recap of our fun evening!

We enjoyed incredible seats — 8 rows from home plate, full buffet,
complimentary beer and wine, in-seat dining and so much more!

Yummy gelato bar! I enjoyed chocolate and mint chocolate chip.

I told y’all, great seats behind home plate!

A fun nightly tradition, the President’s Race. George, Abe, Tom and
Teddy all race from outfield to home plate. On this night, in honor
of the Olympics, the President’s raced each other rhythmic gymnastics style,
waving their colored streamers. Teddy lost, again.

My FSIL, Madeline, Teddy & I pose for a picture.

And the Nationals WIN! N-A-T-S! NATS! NATS! NATS!

Month Without Words

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FIVE :: 

Well hello, Lovelies! It’s been waaayyyy too long, I know! I’ve had a super busy summer, really a super busy month. I spent a week at the beach with my incredible family, been working like crazy and spending time on some home remodel/redecorating projects. Missed y’all, but I’ve got some posts lined up to catch y’all up on what I’ve been up to and the things that have inspired me this past month. So without anymore rambling, here’s my Month Without Words…

ONE :: Farmer’s Markets are popping up everywhere, including at the Bethany Beach boardwalk. Mom, sister and I spent a little time picking out some fresh fruits and veggies for our week at the beach.

TWO :: Dad, my brother-in-law, sister, oldest niece, J and I all got up at 5:50 to watch the sunrise. It was amazingly beautiful, quiet and peaceful.

THREE :: J.A.M. (Johnson. Allen. Mercer) Week always concludes with some formal and not-so formal family portraits. This pic is all of us giving it up for another great week together. I love these people so much and the time we get to spend together gets better and better each year. XO!

FOUR :: My FSIL and I enjoyed a fantastic evening at the Nationals game! We sat 8 rows behind home plate. Stay tuned for a post dedicated to this fun night and of course my dress.

FIVE :: As if a master bathroom remodel wasn’t enough at our house, I thought I’d take on painting our powder room. It’s a work in progress, but I love the color, “watery” and can’t wait to finish updating the room with new fixtures and coral accents.