Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO ::


FOUR :: 

FIVE :: 

SIX :: 

ONE :: Macy apparently got a little chilly in the middle of the night and snuggled her way under the covers. Needless to say, Operation Keep Macy Off the Bed – Part Deux will commence shortly.

TWO :: Spent the afternoon shopping for bathroom accessories for my newly painted powder room. Stay tuned for a post on the before and after of this project…I still need to paint the ceiling and do a little touch up.

THREE :: Love this cute little birdie for the bathroom.

FOUR :: Not the best picture in the world, but I went to a DivaFit Pole Masters show on Saturday night with my girls. What’s DivaFit and Pole Masters you ask? Look closely behind us in the pictures. Yup those are poles, as in “stripper” poles. DivaFit is a local pole fitness studio. Don’t knock it till you try it. These women have incredible strength. They were handing parallel to the floor, holding on with just one arm. Amazing strength and beauty.

FIVE :: Saw this at the grocery store, and this southern gal had to give it a try. Y’all, Front Porch has taken the classic drink of the south, sweet tea and turned it into an incredible ice cream flavor! Seriously this stuff is amazing. It is sweet tea ice cream with bits of tea cake pieces mixed in. Delicious.

SIX ::  Master bathroom renovation update. The needle is moving, y’all. We have tile on the walls and things are coming along. The image on the left is the wall next to our soaking tub and shows the beginning of some of the decorative tile. The image on the right is the inside of your shower and shows a sample of what our shower floor tile will look like next to the wall tile.


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