Brace For It!

Okay y’all ready for this. I’ve got some big news to share. Some changes are coming my way. It should take about 9 months. Can you guess what those changes might be? WRONG! I’m not preggers. I’m getting braces. Yup, you read that right. This gal is getting metal in her mouth.

You see, I had braces as a tween, but as the old song goes, I lost the retainer, never had it replaced and the rest is history. Luckily I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth so those are nicely aligned. It’s my darn top teeth that have shifted. So I decided to correct the problem with braces. They’ll be porcelain brackets and I should have them in for 6-9 months. Let’s pray that I’m closer to the 6 than the 9 months. The bad good news is that I won’t have to wear rubber bands. Long gone are the days of colored rubber bands. Oh you remember those days, orange/black for Halloween, red/green for Christmas, red/blue/clear for July 4th. Well if I could have rubber bands, you know I’d be rockin’ the purple/gold for my LSU Tigers and burgundy/gold for my Skins.

Embarrassing, slightly. Nervous, yes.  Okay, honestly, I’m a little more anxious about this than I had thought. I mean, the unknown is driving me a little more bonkers than usual. My brain is filled with the “what if’s”. What if people look at me funny? What if I talk funny? What if I spit when I talk? I mean my line of work I’m dealing with and in front of vendors and clients all the time. The reality is that I am looking forward to the end result, you betcha sweetness I am!

Come Monday, I hope people are saying this…


8 thoughts on “Brace For It!

  1. I’m totally cracking up about the rubber bands…you better believe I was rockin’ those! (c: I would be nervous, too, but the truth of it is that six or nine months will *fly* by and then you’ll get to flash your million dollar smile (c:

    • It’s been a month since I got them on and I still feel like a 12 year old. I am so aware of them and embarrassed by them. But the good news is, 1 month down and between 5-8 months left until I have my new smile! Thanks for stopping by! Make it a great day!

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