Totally Random Picture Post

What do you title a post that’s completely random and about nothing, except for some of the random pics that are in my phone. You title it “Toaster Oven, Cupcakes and more”…because that’s what it’s about. Betcha can’t wait to see what I’ve been snapping photographs of lately. Fun times!

Yup, that’s an upside down picture of a toaster oven in a box. The FANTASTIC and very much anticipated 5-year anniversary gift that I selected for being a model employee at my 9-to-5 J-O-B. Truth (because nobody likes a liar), everyone who makes it to five years gets to pick out a gift from this catalog of random things…model employee or not.

Super yummy, delicious cupcakes from Baked & Wired. I enjoyed the Texas Sheet Cake cupcake and hubby enjoyed the one on the right…I think it was lemon with raspberry filling. It wasn’t chocolate goodness, that’s all I know. Thanks to our super, fantastic friends M&A for bringing them to us.

How’s about this freaking adorable necklace that the hubs bought me for our 6th anniversary. It says, “mrs”. Cause I’m his “mrs”. It’s from Kate Spade and you can have one too. How adorable for a wedding shower gift…or an anniversary. Side note, my skin looks very blotchy and red in this picture. It’s not sunburn, just my poor photo taking skills.

AWWWW! She’s so darn cute. This is Macy enjoying her peanut butter ice cream for her 4th birthday. She slurped and licked every inch of that container. We love her and she loves us for rescuing her and giving her ice cream. We asked her the birthday questions (read about what these are here) and she said …

  • Best part about the past year: Daddy building her a pooch-perch so she can sit up higher and look out the window.
  • Worst part about the past year: The time Mommy went on “operation keep Macy off the bed“. Which failed and could actually be a tie for best part about the past year.
  • Where do you see yourself in a year: Catching more squirrels
  • Where do you see yourself in five years: I don’t want to talk about that b/c that’ll mean I’ll be 9 years old and that’s old for a dog. Moving on.

HELLO bubble necklace. I ordered this beaut back in August and it FINALLY (after lost shipments) arrived at mi casa last week. Don’t you love it?! I do.

So there you have it, some of the random pictures in my phone these days. More to come, cause I’m headed away for a 30th birthday beach bash to celebrate my FSIL’s bday. PAR-TAY!


I Hate Clothes Shopping

You read that right, I hate clothes shopping (and no, Mom you can’t disagree with this statement). I don’t know what it is about shopping that I’m starting to loath. Lately (or probably for longer than I’d like to admit), I just don’t like shopping because …

  • I’m not happy with my body – I’m not overweight, but I’m not in shape. I carry my weight well, but I don’t workout at all and therefore, as I like to describe it…I’ve got things strategically placed so that I look “thin”.
  • I’m a frugal monster – Or call it cheap. I just don’t want to spend the money. Or better yet, when I am ready to spend money on clothes, it never fails, I can’t find a darn thing.
  • I’m style blind – Since I got married and bought a house, it seems as if all fashion sense that my pre-married self had has gone out the window. Unless the items are on the same rounders at the store together, I can’t manage to put an outfit together to save my life.
  • Too tall – I’m almost 6 ft tall and finding clothes in-store is discouraging. What some stores consider “tall” or “long” aren’t long enough for me. And most stores, if I’m lucky and they carry clothes for tall women, they only carry pants, not tops. It’s as if they think we have these freakishly long legs, but regular arm and torso lengths. There’s always the option to shop online, but the hassle of wondering if it’ll fit, be too big, bla bla bla is too much for me.
  • Dressing room lights and mirrors – No explanation needed.

I love the idea of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. But when it comes down to actually having to go out and buy these things, I hate the process. What’s a girl to do about this? I need clothes for work and play. Can’t the magic shopping fairy show up at my door with new clothes, preferably already paid for by the Bank of Magic Shopping Fairy so that I don’t have to deal with this anymore? A girl can wish.

Anyone else out there in the land of females feel the same about shopping? Any recovery tips for getting over this love-hate relationship I have with clothes shopping?

I’ve Never …

So people have a bucket list right? You know things that are on their list to do before they die. I have a list of things I’ve never done and frankly some of these things I have zero desire to move off the list…and I’m okay with that.  So here they are.  Be prepared to be shocked, embarrassed for me or think I’m completely crazy. I’ve never …

  • Learned to dive. Yup, I never learned how to gracefully get into the pool, other than walking in or sitting on the edge and sliding into the water. Would I like to learn how to dive? Yes, but where do I begin?  At the pool, duh. Only went once this summer and slid into the pool HA!
  • Learned how to do a cartwheel. Something most kids learn, along with diving. See above. I was overweight as a child and probably too afraid that I couldn’t hold my own weight. I say that jokingly, but maybe it’s true. Do I want to learn how to flip sideways with my 36″ of legs at this point in my life? Naw, I’m good and will leave that to the petite gymnasts of the world.
  • Learned how to swing on the monkey bars. Goodness, this list is getting to be embarassing and you’re probably wondering what in the world did this girl do as a child. I ate…kidding again. I played and did kid stuff, probably hung out on the blacktop playing hopscotch or something. Do I want to learn how to swing on the monkey bars. Nope, again, 36″ of legs. Who needs to swing on the monkey bars when you can walk under them and hold on at the same time.
  • Seen a single episode of the Simpsons. GASP! I have zero interest in adult cartoons. Do I want to watch an episode of the Simpsons, nope. I’m perfectly content getting my TV fix and fulfilling my guilty pleasure with the Real Housewives and other “reality” shows.
  • Mowed the lawn. This chick isn’t a Garden Barbie. Do I want to mow the lawn? Honestly, no. The reality, is I have a tiny little stamp of a lawn so I’ll leave that to J to take care of.  If I ever have a home with a larger lawn, I’ll borrow the riding lawn mower from my in-laws, cause that’s how I mow.
  • Been in credit card debt. GASP! So un-American, I know! I learned very early to make my money work for me and I’m super proud of that. Saving and pay cash only for things is like a game to me and I always WIN! How do I do it? Well, I read Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover and it completely changed how I think about my money. Do I want to go into credit card debit? Absolutely not, duh!
  • Seen any of the Rocky or Godfather movies. I’m actually surprised by the fact that I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies because I love boxing. Do I want to see any of these movies? I’m not opposed to watching them, but I have no yearning desire to watch them either.
  • Been skydiving. Would I change this? Sure. Maybe. I’m so incredibly afraid of the idea of skydiving, but I think it would be good for me and my overall fear of many things.

How about you, what’s on your list of some things you’ve never … ?

Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO ::


FOUR :: 

ONE :: Spent the weekend at the lovely Kirkland Manor in St. Michaels, MD, working a wedding. We had perfect weather on Saturday and Sunday, just glorious!

TWO :: Incredible sunsets on the waters off St. Michaels. Perfect ending to a beautiful day.

THREE :: So a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to my first (and likely last) gel manicure. It did not last the 2-3 weeks as promised by the nail tech. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to save a few bucks with this DIY process for removing gel manicures. I look like I have tinfoil club fingers. 🙂

FOUR :: My patient Macy. She will let me do anything embarrassing to her. What dog doesn’t want to wear a scarf in the house? Oh, and to get her to tilt her head in this adorable position, all you have to do is say one of her favorite words, supper, squirrel, rabbits, outside, ball…the list goes on and on. Really if you just talk to her, she’ll tilt her head to one side. Freaking. Adorable!