Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO ::


FOUR :: 

ONE :: Spent the weekend at the lovely Kirkland Manor in St. Michaels, MD, working a wedding. We had perfect weather on Saturday and Sunday, just glorious!

TWO :: Incredible sunsets on the waters off St. Michaels. Perfect ending to a beautiful day.

THREE :: So a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to my first (and likely last) gel manicure. It did not last the 2-3 weeks as promised by the nail tech. Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to save a few bucks with this DIY process for removing gel manicures. I look like I have tinfoil club fingers. 🙂

FOUR :: My patient Macy. She will let me do anything embarrassing to her. What dog doesn’t want to wear a scarf in the house? Oh, and to get her to tilt her head in this adorable position, all you have to do is say one of her favorite words, supper, squirrel, rabbits, outside, ball…the list goes on and on. Really if you just talk to her, she’ll tilt her head to one side. Freaking. Adorable!

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