Totally Random Picture Post

What do you title a post that’s completely random and about nothing, except for some of the random pics that are in my phone. You title it “Toaster Oven, Cupcakes and more”…because that’s what it’s about. Betcha can’t wait to see what I’ve been snapping photographs of lately. Fun times!

Yup, that’s an upside down picture of a toaster oven in a box. The FANTASTIC and very much anticipated 5-year anniversary gift that I selected for being a model employee at my 9-to-5 J-O-B. Truth (because nobody likes a liar), everyone who makes it to five years gets to pick out a gift from this catalog of random things…model employee or not.

Super yummy, delicious cupcakes from Baked & Wired. I enjoyed the Texas Sheet Cake cupcake and hubby enjoyed the one on the right…I think it was lemon with raspberry filling. It wasn’t chocolate goodness, that’s all I know. Thanks to our super, fantastic friends M&A for bringing them to us.

How’s about this freaking adorable necklace that the hubs bought me for our 6th anniversary. It says, “mrs”. Cause I’m his “mrs”. It’s from Kate Spade and you can have one too. How adorable for a wedding shower gift…or an anniversary. Side note, my skin looks very blotchy and red in this picture. It’s not sunburn, just my poor photo taking skills.

AWWWW! She’s so darn cute. This is Macy enjoying her peanut butter ice cream for her 4th birthday. She slurped and licked every inch of that container. We love her and she loves us for rescuing her and giving her ice cream. We asked her the birthday questions (read about what these are here) and she said …

  • Best part about the past year: Daddy building her a pooch-perch so she can sit up higher and look out the window.
  • Worst part about the past year: The time Mommy went on “operation keep Macy off the bed“. Which failed and could actually be a tie for best part about the past year.
  • Where do you see yourself in a year: Catching more squirrels
  • Where do you see yourself in five years: I don’t want to talk about that b/c that’ll mean I’ll be 9 years old and that’s old for a dog. Moving on.

HELLO bubble necklace. I ordered this beaut back in August and it FINALLY (after lost shipments) arrived at mi casa last week. Don’t you love it?! I do.

So there you have it, some of the random pictures in my phone these days. More to come, cause I’m headed away for a 30th birthday beach bash to celebrate my FSIL’s bday. PAR-TAY!

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