Oh, How Pinteresting!

I’ve taken a bit of a leave of absence from Pinterest as of late. With the holidays right around the corner, my addiction is back in full force. Oh Pinterest, how I’ve missed you. So, I thought today would be a great way to release my addiction and share some of my faves by linking up with The Vintage Apple for “Oh, How Pinteresting!”

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Beauty Bogus or Girlie Genius

So I’ve got a few beauty, lifestyle and style products that I’m not convinced just yet that they are the most genius invention or totally bogus and not worth the money. Here goes, y’all give me your opinions, please.


Eyelash Curler – Is this beauty tool really necessary? I used to use one, well only because my mom did. But after years of using one, and more often then not, pinching the skin of my eye lid, I threw the tool away. Since then, I’ve not bought another one, and honestly not missed the tool or the lengthening that this tool did or did not give my lashes. Recently, I’ve seen the eyelash curler on several lists of must-have beauty tools. Which got me thinking, do I need to be using one of these. Will I have long, gorgeous, noticeably different lashes as a result. You weigh in, do you use one? Do I need to add this back to my daily routine?

Daily Lemon Water Cleanse – Lately I’ve read several posts online about drinking a glass of warm lemon water each day. Like this one, this one and this one. I’m just not sure I believe it. I guess this is one of those try it and see if you notice a difference. I don’t have the best track record maintaining any type of healthy habit. So the odds aren’t in my favor for me trying this long enough to see results. Does anyone drink a glass of lemon water each morning and notice a difference? Is it going to make me gag? I already gag when I take my daily vitamin, blah!


BeautyBlender – Apparently this ergonomically designed make-up sponge is the best thing since sliced bread. The claim is that this tool gives you a flawless, airbrushed look with your foundation. Really, a pink sponge that costs $19.95 is going to make my skin foundation look airbrushed? What do I know? I use BareMinerals foundation, no sponge needed there. Anyone out there use this BeautyBlender? Is there a reason to jump on the bandwagon?

Are there any beauty, style or household products that you think are completely bogus or genius?

Quality vs. Quantity

Lately this quality vs. quantity concept has been a theme that keeps presenting itself in various aspects of my life. In the past week I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with, reconnecting, catching up, whatever you want to call it with some of my best girl friends. I’m so incredibly blessed to have a core group of friends that I can turn to at any moment to share joy, tears, hardships, laughter and so much more. Thank you, God!

So back to the quality vs. quantity deal, that’s how I feel about my friends. At my age (boy do I sound like my parent’s now), I feel like I’m at a place where I yearn for solid and stable friendships, with woman of similar values, who are willing to put work into our friendship. I love that I have this in my group of girlfriends, those that I see on a regular basis, those that live across the country or in another country and those that I see periodically. All of you gals ROCK MY WORLD and thank you for being there for whatever, whenever. Mmmmwhah!


Redemption Day

In January I wrote about my shear excitement for the BCS National Championship game, in which my team, the #1, undefeated, LSU Tigers were taking on the #2, one-loss Crimson Tide. Well, that was the last post you read on Tiger football, because if you follow college football or not, it’s very likely that you heard our Tigers were embarrassed that night, 21-0. The first shut-out in a BCS National Championship game in history. Ugh, it still pains me to think about that night, the game and the utter disappointment and heartbreak.

Alas, redemption day is upon us, 11/3/12 in Death Valley, “Where opponents dreams come to die.” Geaux Tigers!