Quality vs. Quantity

Lately this quality vs. quantity concept has been a theme that keeps presenting itself in various aspects of my life. In the past week I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with, reconnecting, catching up, whatever you want to call it with some of my best girl friends. I’m so incredibly blessed to have a core group of friends that I can turn to at any moment to share joy, tears, hardships, laughter and so much more. Thank you, God!

So back to the quality vs. quantity deal, that’s how I feel about my friends. At my age (boy do I sound like my parent’s now), I feel like I’m at a place where I yearn for solid and stable friendships, with woman of similar values, who are willing to put work into our friendship. I love that I have this in my group of girlfriends, those that I see on a regular basis, those that live across the country or in another country and those that I see periodically. All of you gals ROCK MY WORLD and thank you for being there for whatever, whenever. Mmmmwhah!


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