Bathroom Remodel Update – The Needle is Moving

You aren’t done with that, you ask? Nope. When we first started the master bathroom remodel, I asked my neighbor-friend how long it took her hubby to complete their remodel. Her response [insert super, sweet southern accent] “A season.” HA! I laughed, surely we can get this done in a season…er, seasons.

In our defense, the hubs has been hard at work on the bathroom…when he’s not working his full-time job, saving lives, cats and other things, studying for promotional exams and working overtime. Or going on vacation, afternoons at the gun show or shooting range. I am not a complete slave driver, and I’ve gotta give him a little break here and there. Honestly, the length of time to get this bathroom complete hasn’t really phased me because we have another bathroom to use. Plus, I kinda like the dust that it creates in our bedroom, makes it easier to leave sweet notes to my honey…written iin dust. How romantic!

Some of you have asked, “How’s the bathroom coming along” and I figured that it was time that I gave you an update. I would say we are about 80% done with the bathroom. So here’s a look at what we’ve done so far.


Dad and DIY Master J framed out the window in our bathroom. I’m in love with this and now want to frame out all of the windows in our house. I’d like to say that a window without a frame is like a cupcake without icing…or something poetic like that.


Only a few more tiles left and the shower will be complete. The hot guy working on my tile says that it’ll be done on this week. Then we call in the shower door man to install the beautiful frameless shower doors. The shower door man is different from the hot guy working on the tile. He (shower door man) pales in comparison, just sayin’.


Doesn’t everyone keep their toilet in the bathtub? This picture shows the tub wall tile. The genius tile man made it so that the decorative tile is the same height as the decorative tile on the shower wall. This wall still needs a few pieces of finishing tile, a.k.a. bull nose, which I don’t get because it doesn’t look like a bull, nose or the nose of a bull.


Not a great shot, but this is the floor tile. Is there anything else to say about this, I don’t think so.

PS – Sorry, honey for all of the references to you using everything but your name! Y’all see, he thinks it’s lame that I don’t refer to him by his actual name on this here blog. I think it’s funny that he thinks it’s lame so, when in doubt I like to call him by anything but his name, to make him smile roll his eyes.


Weekend Without Words

ONE :: 

TWO ::


FOUR :: 

FIVE :: 

SIX :: 

ONE :: Macy apparently got a little chilly in the middle of the night and snuggled her way under the covers. Needless to say, Operation Keep Macy Off the Bed – Part Deux will commence shortly.

TWO :: Spent the afternoon shopping for bathroom accessories for my newly painted powder room. Stay tuned for a post on the before and after of this project…I still need to paint the ceiling and do a little touch up.

THREE :: Love this cute little birdie for the bathroom.

FOUR :: Not the best picture in the world, but I went to a DivaFit Pole Masters show on Saturday night with my girls. What’s DivaFit and Pole Masters you ask? Look closely behind us in the pictures. Yup those are poles, as in “stripper” poles. DivaFit is a local pole fitness studio. Don’t knock it till you try it. These women have incredible strength. They were handing parallel to the floor, holding on with just one arm. Amazing strength and beauty.

FIVE :: Saw this at the grocery store, and this southern gal had to give it a try. Y’all, Front Porch has taken the classic drink of the south, sweet tea and turned it into an incredible ice cream flavor! Seriously this stuff is amazing. It is sweet tea ice cream with bits of tea cake pieces mixed in. Delicious.

SIX ::  Master bathroom renovation update. The needle is moving, y’all. We have tile on the walls and things are coming along. The image on the left is the wall next to our soaking tub and shows the beginning of some of the decorative tile. The image on the right is the inside of your shower and shows a sample of what our shower floor tile will look like next to the wall tile.

Bathroom Remodel Update

J started the master bath remodel this week. Here’s what we’ve purchased so far and the color scheme we are going for in the space.

Now for the good, bad and ugly details of our progress…

Day 1 :: Continue the ever expensive search for a bathroom faucet. I mean seriously I never knew that faucets could be so incredibly expensive. AND did you know that the models that they sell at the big box stores, think Home Depot and Lowes are made with plastic parts on the inside that will cause leaks relatively quickly? Well I didn’t know this and perhaps it’s the sales person blowing smoke up my arse but I believed him. And well my momma and momma-in-law said the same thing and that’s pretty much gospel to me.

Day 2 :: Failed at running out to Benjamin Moore at lunch to look at paint colors. J lugged all of my our bathroom crap belongings to the guest bedroom, started demo by hauling out the current vanity, removing all of the fixtures and mirrors and began pulling up the current crappy-smappy linoleum floors. Finally committed and ordered faucets, after negotiating a relatively decent price…considering. And that’s where the progress halted, because J found mold on the floor near the shower. DAMN YOU Beazer builders! You see our neighbors ran into this issue months ago and we “knew” that likely we could have the same problem.  Confirmed yesterday.

Day 3 :: Lined up contractors to come and give us an estimate on the work to fix the shower leak. J doesn’t want to take on this task and for our own sanity we’d rather pay the $$ to have someone else get it done in a day or so. Problem though is that the contractors apparently have other jobs and my bathroom reno isn’t their top priority so they aren’t coming until end of week or Monday. Don’t they know that I’m impatient and on a schedule since J is off this week? J continued to pull up the crappy-smappy linoleum and make what progress he can while waiting for contractors to come.

Y’all progress is being made, but just at a slower pace than I would have liked. But isn’t that the truth with all constructions and renovation projects. I couldn’t be happier to have the best honey in the world who is uber handy and willing to tackle this project.  Love ya’!

Oh and apparently we are handing out money to anyone who says anything having to do with a master bathroom renovation. So hit me up if you too would like a share of my wallet.  Just say the word…bathroom, faucet, demo, leak, mold, whatev and it’s yours.  HA!  Kidding, I’m not giving away anymore money unless you can be at my house tomorrow at 8AM to fix the shower.

Oh No She Didn’t!

It used to be that when it came time for selecting fixtures for your bathroom, everything had to be matchy-matchy. Do y’all remember the 90’s and the all brass fixtures?  Well, my momma didn’t raise me to be a Miss Matchy on everything! I mean how can one possibly find fixtures, frames, toilet paper holders, towel rings, accessories, etc. all in the same finish? Well, I’m sure you can but let’s just say you picked polished chrome for every last finish in your bathroom, wow that would be one shiny place.

As we venture into our master bathroom remodel (demo and remodel scheduled to begin next week) we are at the phase where we need to select our bathroom faucets. Oh the dilemma and oh the price of faucets. I can hear my debit card screamin’ at the thought of $300+ per faucet, uh yikes! I’m going to do the unthinkable and mix my metals. I’ll pause and wait for the gasps and shock of what I just said to fade away. Y’all are probably saying, “Oh no she didn’t!” Oh yes, I am!  That’s right people, I’ll have oil rubbed bronze and polished chrome in my bathroom if I want to and you’ll like it!  Well maybe you won’t like it, but whatev.

So as a little reminder, this is the dress that we are turning into a vanity and these are the vessel sinks that we’ve bought to install on the top.

You’ll notice that the drawer pulls are a rubbed-bronze color, so I think having an oil rubbed bronze faucet will make the piece look complete.  In the semi-edited words of Jerry McGuire, “This will complete me!”  HA!

I think I like some of these options for our faucets:



Having a nice balance of the mixed metals is key to break of the monotony. I think that in our case, having a custom vanity with fixtures that match the look and feel of the dresser will give the piece a complete finish and look on-purpose. We already have this candle chandelier in the oil rubbed bronze that will tie in the vanity fixtures nicely to create a cohesive look in the bathroom.

What do you think?  Have y’all shunned me altogether for mixing my metals?

Lovelies List – 6.15.2012

Happy Friday, Lovelies! I’m linking up with Lauren @ From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday. I’m super ready for the weekend! Here are my top five faves from this week.

ONE ::  I found this adorable chevron iPhone wallpaper. I love it so much that I added to my iPad too.  Now they match.  FUN!

TWO ::  Yet again we’ve had great weather this week. I took a few minutes to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and a little quiet time while at work this week.

THREE :: My headache finally went away. That in itself is a double high five!  No picture for this one, cause really who wants to see me looking crappy with my headache.

FOUR :: Our tile has arrived for our bathroom renovation!  J is going to pick it up today and our plan is to start next week!!

FIVE :: Saving the best for last. So on my way to work I pass this lovely, local farmer’s market, Cox Farm. They have a sign above the store that they change up daily with cute, clever phrases. Well the other day, I had the best laugh at this sign. Very funny and mildly inappropriate. You can bet that I submitted this to Ellen and The Tonight Show for their funny headlines segment.  Come on y’all…this is funny. It’s not the best photo, but I practically had to stop traffic at the 4-way stop sign to take this pic.

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